The Far Pavilion

This breathtakingly beautiful villa nestled amidst a lush ninety acre private coconut plantation with its own oil eco-friendly pressing facility where guests can make their own virgin coconut oil for massages.

Inspired by Ash and Anjuli’s secret and romantic hidden valley in M.M. Kaye's legendary novel 'The Far Pavilions', the villa is set atop a hillock in a picturesque valley surrounded by high mountains covered by virgin forests rising to one thousand two hundred feet on either side.
The Far Pavilion features two rooms, and is tastefully furnished with a mixture of Indian and Western art and furniture. Its huge plate glass windows create spectacular views of rising mountains, peaks and two small streams that surround the building during the rainy season.


  • VIEW: Mountains
  • The Far Pavilion Living Room

    Enjoy the love, romance, privacy, silence and quietude that Ash and Anjuli desired away from a world that has forgotten what life is really all about.

  • Guests are encouraged to participate in the workings of the farm by helping to milk cows, tending the horses, making your own cheese and virgin coconut oil just as Ash and Anjuli did in their own secret valley. Those who do not fancy the farming way of life, are encouraged to ride one of our beautiful thorough bred horses in our private stables or simply read in our small but well stocked library, with a glass of amazing fresh coconut juice, after a swim in the Eternity pool.

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Attractions & Activities

  • Pinnawala Elephant Ophanage

    The Far Pavilion is only a 20-minute drive from the Elephant orphanage at Pinnawala.

  • The Far Pavilion aerial view

    The property nestles inside a working farm; with a dairy organic free range poultry, cheese making facilities, thousands of coconut trees, thirty-two varieties of fruit trees, organic vegetable beds, thoroughbred stables and a small virgin oil manufacturing facility where guests can make their own virgin coconut oil.