Exclusive Occupancy

  • BEDS: king
  • VIEW: Lake
  • RATES FROM: USD 1500
Located along the edge of the Victoria Reservoir with a water frontage of more than one kilometre and spread over an area of Six acres of Virgin forest, The Hermitage is positioned 2103 feet above sea level with an average temperature of 25 C. The site of an ancient Hermitage, the monks used to grow many medicinal Herbs and plants which are still used in the kitchen to turn out healthy dishes for the body and soul or make massage oils according to centuries old recipes. The building is not air conditioned and open to the environment around and the healthy mountain air blowing from the Hunnasgiriya Range. Furnished with genuine kandyan antique furniture, mixed with a few modern pieces and many pieces of kandyan antiques The Hermitage is truly a Kandyan House steeped in the Kandyan Culture. Visited by 69 species of birds, Monkeys, wild boar, Monitor Lizards and deer, The Hermitage has an infinity pool, a small but beautiful library, a spa, a one kilometre walkway along the lake and a Buddhist temple. Fresh lake fish, Fresh water lobster and organic vegetable from the remote vegetable patches in the village allow our bespoke chefs to turn out wonderful works of art to excite your taste buds. Guests to the Hermitage are encouraged to participate in Yoga and meditation though it is not compulsory. The Hermitage is ideal for those who want to Relax, Rest, Unwind, and think within an exciting but peaceful environment. And who knows, you may meet someone very special on this journey- your self.
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