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AWAKEN YOUR SENSES with the Cinnamon Experience


Take a trip to the center of Cinnamon country, for the ultimate cinnamon experience!
Cinnamon was discovered in Sri Lanka by Portuguese. They Identified it is a wild tree, researching its benefits and designing method to cultivate and harvest it. In time, cinnamon cultivation and export became one of our prime assets, as Sri Lanka produces 90% of world's supply of true cinnamon.
This spice is now widely used in savory foods, has a highly fragrant aroma and is incredibly beneficial to health, and is used frequently in traditional Ayurveda remedies.
Cinnamon isn't as well known as its tea export counterpart. Many that live in and visit Sri Lanka are sure to see tea plantations and tea pluckers. but Cinnamon cultivation is very unique process, also a scarcely known operation. It is truely a one of a kind experience that is both interesting and different, but if we cannot get your attention with knowledge, then may be the cinnamon infused teas, cocktails or biscuits, 4 cours lunch might be more appealling.

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